verification of date

H. Isaacson ISAACSON at
Mon Mar 13 09:55:51 UTC 1995

I wonder if one of the knowledgeable people on the list could help 
this astronomical dunce in verifying a date given in 
(Laukika) era, without the century. My struggles with Sewell's tables 
have thus far only succeeded in addling my brains yet further. The 
date is given as sa.m 64 bhaa (i.e. Bhaadra(pada)) "su (i.e. 
" di (i.e. divase) .sa.s.thyaa.m bhaume. I would  
guess, on other grounds, that the date might be one in the late 
nineteenth century.

I shall greatly appreciate any help.
H. Isaacson
isaacson at

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