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Further to Sid Harth's message, I have found the following old
message in an archive which actually mentions Madras; it looks
as if it might be a good idea to try UUNET.

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Subject: Re: INTERNET Access in India 
You might want to check with UUNET. Following is what I have found: 
UUNET Technologies announces the startup of commercial networking 
services in India.  UUNET India Limited is going to handle the setup 
in India. 
By the end of November 1992 UUNET India will offer email and news 
services to subscribers in the Indian cities of Bombay, Calcutta, 
Bangalore, New Delhi, Madras and Hyderabad.  TCP/IP (Alternet) 
services are expected to go online in the first quarter of 1993. 
UUNET India proposes to provide all services being offerred by UUNET 
Technologies Inc., in the U.S., to its subscribers in India which 
includes public domain software archives, USENET news, network 
consulting, etc. 
Also UUNET India Limited has a Software development division which 
is currently undertaking projects from Europe & the U.S.  Software 
is being developed in UNIX and DOS environments. 
For more details contact : email - info at 
I Chandrashekar Rao - icr at 
Narayan D Raju      - ndr at 
UUNET India Limited 
270N Road No. 10 
Jubilee Hills 
Hyderabad, A.P. 500 034 India 
Ph: +91 842 238007 
    +91 842 247747 
Fax : + 91 842 247787 
Sanjay Deo                              Ph (off): (305)973-5330 
(M/S 161)                                         (800)666-4544 ext. 5330 
Harris Computer Systems Division        Email: sanjay at 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 


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