Sai Baba

David Magier magier at
Tue Mar 7 21:35:09 UTC 1995

Mr. Barker inquired about anyone working on Sai Baba. Here is an entry
from The International Directory of South Asia Scholars (avail. online
via The South Asia Gopher), for a scholar who does some work on this
topic. Hope this helps.  David Magier   magier at

----------entry from Directory------------
Morton Klass
Professor of Anthropology
Barnard College, Columbia University
Mailing Addr: Department of Anthropology
              Barnard College, Columbia University
              New York  NY 10027  USA

phone:  212-854-4314 office
        212-927-2131 residence
FAX:    212-854-7491
email:  mklass at

Cultural anthropologist  
   areas: South Asia (West Bengal, general North India); 
          Overseas South Asian peoples (most research in Caribbean: 
          Trinidad, Martinique)
          subjects of research / writings: caste (nature / history);
          religion (village level); community structure / change;
          cultural persistence / change (particularly among emigrant
          populations); village response to industrialization;
          Sathya Sai Baba religion (particularly in Trinidad)

[migration / diaspora]

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