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Fri Mar 3 23:30:49 UTC 1995

Dear Prof. Deshpande,

thank you very much for your suggestion. I am going to request P.S.Filliozat 
to send me his paper. You very probably meant the paper Filliozat read at the
recent Paris seminar. My student E. Vergiani, who attended the seminar, told
me that Filliozat's paper did not specifically focus on the bhAvapratyayas
but only touched on them incidentally. Anyhow, it will be interesting to 
know Filliozat's observations. My concern with this topic started with the
paribhAzA samAsakRttaddhitezu .... referred to by Abhinavagupta, HelArAja,
Jinendrabuddhi (on the latter there is a paper by R. Hayes in JAOS), KauNDa
BhaTTa etc.  It is indeed rich in linguistical-philosophical implications,
which are worth being worked out.
Any more suggestions or bibliographical references will be welcome.

Raffaele Torella
<torella at>

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