construction with abhi

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at
Thu Mar 2 15:10:04 UTC 1995

	The commentaries on Panini 1.4.90-91 cite as an example the 
construction "vRkzam vRkzam abhi sincati" meaning "he waters every tree" 
or "he waters all trees".  In Vedic literature one frequently comes 
across the use of abhi with a single accusative, and independenly, the 
use of doubling to indicate the sense of "each, every, all".  However, I 
have not yet seen an abhi construction with a double accusative outside 
of the commentaries on Panini.  I have searched for attestation 
everywhere, but have not located a real language example.  Such examples 
with prati are fairly common.  If anyone has come across an example of 
abhi, I would like to know the reference.
	Madhav Deshpande

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