Where is Mount Mujava(n)t?

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Sun Jul 30 15:56:15 UTC 1995

>From N.N. Bhattacharyya, "The Geographical Dictionary -- Ancient and Early
Medieval India" 1991, Munshiram:

Mujavant, Mujavat
A people that took their name from Mujavant, a mountain in the Himalayas.
They are mentioned along with the Mahavrsas, Gandhaaris and Baalhikas in AV
V.22.5-14. They are also mentioned in Taitt. Sam. I.8.62; Kaathaka Sam.
IX.7, XXXVI.14; Mait. Sam. I.4.10.20; Vaaj. Sam. III.61; Sat. Br.
II.6.2.17; Baudh. D.S. II.5


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