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> Two elementary questions:  (1) What is the best introductory text for
> learning to read Sanskrit and 

"Try "Teach Yourself Sanskrit" by Michael Coulson. Published by Teach 
Youself Books, New York, 1976.

This book is particularly useful if you are interested in Kalidasa, as 
most of the quotes are taken from him.

Daniel Baum

Although I have tried several times to teach myself foreign languages, I have
never gotten very far before being distracted by other interests and
obligations. Unless you are far more diligent than I, the best thing for you
to do would be take a course in Sanskrit at your university. That said, let
me second Daniel Baum's recommendation of  Coulson's "Teach Yourself
Sanskrit." If you do decide to use it, I would suggest working your way
through it at least twice. The first time skip the English to Sanskrit
exercises, which are quite difficult. If you feel that you need more Sanskrit
to English practice, then translate the answers to the English to Sanskrit
exercises at the back of the book from Sanskrit back to English. Then go
through the book a second time, doing the English to Sanskrit exercises in
the proper order.

You might also be interested in the following post:


The following two organizations offer correspondence/
audio cassette-based courses:

1. Corresponde course
Hindu Seva Pratishthana
Girinagar, Bangalore 560 085, India
Tel. 011-91-80-661-3052

Duration of course: 2 years; 
consists of 4 parts, each for 6 months
Minimum age: 16 years

Audio cassettes are also available.

2. Album of audio cassettes of sanskrit lessons for 

Through the support provided by Sanskrit Education 
Society, Madras 600018, an album of audio cassettes 
and printed literature have been prepared for 
beginners by and can be obtained from:

Mr. R. Sundaracharlu,
18 Narasimha Puram,
Mylapore, Madras 600004, India
Tel. 011-91-44-493-6133."

By the way, there's no need to "apologize for interrupting the current
discussions on the group." I can assure you that they are often interrupted
for far more trivial and irrelevant matters.

Good luck in your study of Sanskrit

Harold F. Arnold (Arjuna)


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