Searching for WIND HORSE

Johannes B. Tuemmers ami0209 at rs1.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE
Fri Jul 21 13:51:38 UTC 1995

 Dear members of the list,
 During my last visit to _my_ seminar-library in Bonn I couldn't find the
 "Wind Horse", _Proceedings of the North American Tibetological Society_, 
 Vol. 1, 1981.
 A good friend of mine and expert in collecting articles from almost every
 kind of journal said, that even though he tried, he was unable to obtain
 this publication. My hope is, that some of you experts out there can help 
 us (i.e. me and the library...). Is it possible to order copies still left
 somewhere, or is there a chance of getting a copy of this, maybe in exchange
 of copies of some other publication we might have but you don't?
 Thanks for reading. Any e-mail is appreciated.
 - Johannes B. Tuemmers MA -
 <email: ami0209 at>
 PS. While we are at it: any news about the new JIABS vol. ??

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