compact edition of Monier-Williams

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at
Fri Jul 21 10:09:01 UTC 1995

edeltraud harzer clear said:
> The Minjoksa Publishing Company, Chong Ko-Ku,
> Chung Jin-Dong 208-1
> P.O.Box 1560
> Seoul, Korea
> published a compact edition of the Sanskrit-English
> Dictionary. I have not seen a copy.  I tried to order
> several copies last year for several of my students,
> but encountered some difficulty because they did not
> spell out their terms.  Here is their fax
> (02) 739-7565.  Good luck. Edeltraud.
> The Japanese have a beautiful edition which is twice
> the price of the Korean. But I do not have the Japanese
> address here in my office.

I recently contacted the

Rinsen Book Co. Ltd.
P O Box: Sakyo No. 8,
Kyoto 606, Japan.
Cable: Rinsen, Kyoto
FAX: 075-781-6168

hoping to get the little MW, but the leaflet they sent me didn't include
it.  They have other attractive items, though:

Apte, Practical Skt-Eng Dict:   Y 14,000
Das, Tibetan-English:           Y 8,500
Jaeschke, Tibetan-English:      Y 6,500
Chandra, Tibetan-Sanskrit:      Y 24,272
Childers, Pali:                 Y 12,000
Edgerton, BHS Gr. & Dict.       Y 22,000
Boehtlingk, Skt-Woert. Kuerzerer: Y 47,000
Schmidt, Nactraege zum SW:      Y 12,000

Does anyone know if Rinsen really does MW, and if so, how much it costs?
Or, Edeltraud, is it some other Japanese company?



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