Heesterman's 'axial-breakthrough'

PHIL029 at csc.canterbury.ac.nz PHIL029 at csc.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Jul 19 07:20:15 UTC 1995

To multiple receipients of Indology network,

 I consider myself to be pretty familiar with the various works of J.C. 
Heesterman, having grappled with his theoretical claims with reference 
to the brahmin-king relationship and gift-giving within ancient & 
classical India. What has always frustrated me however, is that while he 
presents a diachronic theory of the shift from sacrifice to ritual, 
Heesterman has never as far as I am aware (due to the paucity of 
resources available on South Asia in New Zealand I have been unable as 
yet to look at Heesterman's *The broken world of sacrifice*), posited 
even a tentative date for his theorised 'axial-breakthrough'. Could 
anyone provide me with a tentative date?, or maybe even J.C. 
Heesterman's e-mail address? Apologies in advance for any 
cross-postings. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all 
those who replied to my query concerning the date of the Santi Parvan & 
the Anusasana Parvan.
                  Thank you very much in advance,

                                 Steven Columbus,
                                 Dept. of Phil. & Religious Studies,
                                 University of Canterbury,
                                 New Zealand.

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