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14th European Modern South Asia Conference
Copenhagen, August 21-24, 1996

During this forthcoming conference, the European Association of South 
Asian Studies is going to be founded.

Executive members of the organizing committee:

Henriette Bugge (Chair), University of Copenhagen
Peter B. Andersen (Secretary), University of Copenhagen
Stig Toft Madsen (Treasurer), University of Lund


South Asian Languages: Syntactic structures and meanings
South Asian Literatures
New Pespectives on the History of Tamil Culture
Rituals: Traditions or inventions
Muslim Concepts of Person, Sainthood and Power in South Asia
Christianity in India
Modernization of South Asian Religion
Performing Arts
Crafty Debates: Historical and contemporary issues relating to
   "art" and "craft" in South Asia
Liberalization of the South Asian Economy
Conflicts in South Asia - Political and Structural Analysis
Partition of Punjab and Bengal
Migration, Settlement and Mobilization: South Asians of
   the Diaspora
Human Rights and South Asia
Rural Development
The Rise and Fall of Rice
Environment and Social Change in South Asia
The Role of Water in Structuring Perceptions and Values
   in South Asia
Comparative Social History of South Asian Studies in European
Urban Custom and Practice
The Construct of the South Asian Village - History, reality and relevance
South Asian Merchants, past and present


Copenhagen University
Institute for History of Religions
att: Peter B. Andersen
14th European Modern South Asia Conference
Njalsgade 80
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

fax: +45-35-32-89-56

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