Fonts and Copyright

giuseppe at giuseppe at
Sun Jul 16 00:23:11 UTC 1995

Alec McAllister may be quite right in his analysis of what might be considered
a copyright violation - obviousy I will not be sending anyone anything through
e-mail or post until the issue is perfectly cleared (which doesn't seem likely).
Being quite ignorant of the intricate folds of UK law, I will limit myself to
one question: does the license granted by a manufacturer on a font cease if I
modify the font to make it better suit my needs (using a legally obtained pro-
gram)? Conversely, can a manufacturer ever grant me a license on a product which
it doesn't have, i.e. the modified font?
I would appreciate comments on this matter - specifically, we are dealing with
a personal, non-commercial use of a modified typeface which, in its basic form,
is shipped with every Macintosh computer.

Alex Passi

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