TrueType fonts in Computer Sanskrit etc.

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Thu Jul 13 19:18:08 UTC 1995

 It probably is vastly outdated by CSX, but I would like to mention that
 I have been using a truetype font for romanized Sanskrit with my students
 for about two years now. A subset of Times, it comes in Windows and Mac form
 and - this is probably the main advantage - it converts nicely between opera-
 ting systems if you are using MS-Word or Winword.
 Anybody interested?

 Alex Passi
 Istituto di Glottologia
 Universita' di Bologna
 Via Zamboni 16, Bologna, Italy

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 passi at


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Dear Dr. Magnuszewska, you could try Virendra Singh in Benares.
I do not have his address, but if you go to Benares you could
try to contact him through the Visconsin Hindi language program.
Good luck, Edeltraud.

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