Jury is still out on 'Meluhha, Dilmun and Makan'?

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Sun Jul 9 02:34:55 UTC 1995

Piotr Michalowski wrote recently in sci.archaeology 
usenet: "As Gelb and others pointed out, the type of 
refernces we have from third millennium and early 
second millennium Mesopotamia indicate that Meluhha 
was for them a vague term for areas along the north 
coast of the Persian Gulf and extending east, 
possibly as far as Beluchistan, but probably no 

A series of articles and counters had appeared in the 
Journal of the Economic and social history of the 
Orient, Vol.XXI, Pt.II, Elizabeth C.L. During Caspers 
and A.Govindankutty countering R.Thapar's dravidian 
hypothesis for the locations of Meluhha, Dilmun and
Makan; Thapar's A Possible identification of Meluhha, 
Dilmun, and Makan appeared in the journal Vol. XVIII, 
Part I locating these on India's west coast. Bh. 
Krishnamurthy defended Thapar on linguistic grounds 
in Vol. XXVI, Pt. II: *mel-u-kku = highland, west; 
*teLmaN (= pure earth) ~ dilmun; *makant = male child 
(Skt. vIra = male offspring.

Have there been any further explorations on these 
lines to locate Meluhha?

Dr. S. Kalyanaraman


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