svastika symbol on Harappan seals

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Fri Jul 7 13:02:51 UTC 1995

Perhaps (?) the earliest occurrence of the svastika
symbol is in the Harappan script inscriptions 
on seals and tablets. 

Both the right and left-handed versions of this 
symbol are used. On many seals, the symbol 
occupies the entire field and on some inscriptions, 
was used as a script sign, together with other 
pictorial motifs such as an elephant and 
a tiger, strolling and looking back. On one
inscription, a string of svastika-s (alternating
right- and left-handed versions) is used.

It will be interesting to trace the meanings and
significance assigned to this symbol in ancient times.

I shall be thankful for references on this subject.

Dr. S. Kalyanaraman
kalyans at


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