Font Encoding

RAH hueckst at cc.UManitoba.CA
Thu Jul 6 22:00:40 UTC 1995

To All,
I have just finished a rough draft of a font encoding that is an attempt 
to improve on the HACC encoding.  If anyone would like to see it, please 
message me. I can send it in postscript form. Because of the complexity 
of the document, however, it is fairly large in bytes though not in 
pages. It comes to about 184 K. Basically, what I've tried to do is to 
use the EC encoding used by TeX in the 000-127 range, and the HACC 
encoding, slightly modified, in the 128-255 range. One little improvement 
I happen to like is in the retroflex-aspirate characters. I have made 
them distinct, individual characters so that the dot can be placed 
between them, instead of just under the initial d or t. (How 'bout that, 
'eh? Enough for some form of immortality?(:-))

Bob Hueckstedt

Robert A. Hueckstedt, Associate Professor of Indic Languages
Asian Studies Centre, 328 Fletcher Argue, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2 Canada email: hueckst at
fax 1 204-275-5781 phones 1 204-474-8964, 1 204-488-4797


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