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You may like to pass on the following information for 
those interested in learning sanskrit:


The following two organizations offer correspondence/
audio cassette-based courses:

1. Corresponde course
Hindu Seva Pratishthana
Girinagar, Bangalore 560 085, India
Tel. 011-91-80-661-3052

Duration of course: 2 years; 
consists of 4 parts, each for 6 months
Minimum age: 16 years

Audio cassettes are also available.

2. Album of audio cassettes of sanskrit lessons for 

Through the support provided by Sanskrit Education 
Society, Madras 600018, an album of audio cassettes 
and printed literature have been prepared for 
beginners by and can be obtained from:

Mr. R. Sundaracharlu,
18 Narasimha Puram,
Mylapore, Madras 600004, India
Tel. 011-91-44-493-6133.

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Subject: Font Encoding
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A recent survey of educational institutions in the UK on how they dealt with 
diacritical marks found that there were, and this is no surprise, no common 
standards in use. One place even replied that they avoided buying materials 
not in English to avoid the problem. People who work with South Asian texts 
do not have that option!
What is the situation with regards to members of the Indology list? 
Do you use CS and/or CSX encoding? Do you use unicode?
Do you use HACC encoding? What is the encoding you use?
I think that although we can endlessly feed our texts through filters in 
order to let others read them it would be better if some common standards 
were adopted. But, without knowing what people actually use how can we even 
do this? If there are already well known surveys of encoding usage please 
tell me where they are. But if, as I suspect, there are not then should not 
one be compiled?
Peter Friedlander 

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