Mahabharata, Ramayana, and other goodies

John D. Smith jds10 at
Mon Jul 3 12:09:05 UTC 1995

I have placed complete texts of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana on my
anonymous ftp server, together with various other items. The texts are
derived from those typed up by Prof. Muneo Tokunaga of Kyoto: they have
been converted to standard CSX encoding, and I have also made large (in
the case of the MBh, VERY large) numbers of corrections. Problems,
limitations, ways of converting to printed Devanagari, etc., are explained
in README files accompanying the texts. A further text of perhaps more
restricted interest is also available: the Rajasthani epic of Pabuji as
published by me in 1991. 

On the same server there are fonts which may be of value to Indologists: 
CSX-encoded versions of the standard Times fonts for use with TeX; PC
versions of Roy Norman's Macintosh-based fonts (all the diacriticals you
ever wanted, but one or two as yet unsolved problems); software to allow
use of Ken Bryant's Devanagari font Jaisalmer with TeX. Finally there are
utility programs (writtten in Perl) to convert between encodings, convert
Sanskrit epic text to Devanagari, etc. As with the text material, there
are README files in all the directories to explain what's what.

The server doubles as my everyday computer, so I have to keep numbers of 
simultaneous anonymous ftp accesses very low. Please be patient if you 
are unable to reach the material you want at the first attempt. Please 
note also that all file transfers are logged.

The server is The base directory is /pub/john,
which contains two further directories: /pub/john/text and
/pub/john/software. From there everything branches out in what I hope is a
self-explanatory fashion. 

Please report any problems in accessing the material to jds10 at 
You are strongly recommended to use binary mode for all transfers.

John Smith             Dr J. D. Smith, Faculty of Oriental Studies,
jds10 at        Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge CB3 9DA
                       Tel. 01223 335140   Fax 01223 335110


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