An alternative history of IE languages and the AIT.

Dominik Wujastyk dom at
Wed Feb 22 09:38:30 UTC 1995

Anshuman Pandey said:


>    The above explanations and scenarios answer many problems philologists
> have faced and raised for around 200 years. It also settles the question
> of the cultural unity of India. The Aryans and Dravidians together shaped
> the languages and culture of India.
>   (Source: Aryan Invasion Theory and Indian Nationalsism By S.G. Talageri, and
>            The Hindu Phenomenon By Girilal Jain)

We are going to go on getting this sort of material periodically posted
to INDOLOGY for the simple reason that the ideas are out there, being
energetically promoted by Hindu fundamentalists and others who may not
realize the sinister communalist and anti-muslim agenda that underlies
and accompanies such propaganda.

Do any of the INDOLOGY members who are professional university-level
teachers of Sanskrit, Old Persian, Greek, Tamil, archaeology, or other
relevant topics, have time to put together a short, careful response to
such claims, pointing out the principle evidence for the received
opinion concerning Indian pre-history?  Or perhaps someone already has a
document of this kind on their PC?  Perhaps someone has written some
book reviews of the above books or the materials by Frawley, Kak, or
similar contemporary writers?  I feel sure that someone amongst us who
deals professionally with PIE, historical phonology, early archaeology,
etc., has the appropriate materials readily to hand.  The resulting
statement could be added to the files available from the INDOLOGY
file-server, or could be sent on an individual basis to enquirers.

This would be a singular service to INDOLOGY.



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