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Modern Language Association Annual Meeting
December 27-31, 1995
Chicago, Illinois


Filling in the Blanks: Space in South/Southeast Asian Feminist Narratives

We invite proposals/papers that focus on the significance of space -- 
physical, geopolitical, temporal, psychic, social -- in South/Southeast 
Asian feminist narratives by men and women.  The emphasis is on the 
interpretation of space within the particular cultural contexts, both 
inside, between and outside defined boundaries.  In this respect, one 
might also consider how shifts in geographical and historical experiences 
such as colonization, independence, nation-formation, migration, 
transnationalism and cosmopolitanism formulate and affect these 
narratives (fiction, poetry, autobiography, travel writing, film, 
photography, painting, sculpture, etc.)?  How do the writers map on to 
spatial metaphors conflicts of gender, race and class?  Do/can writers 
suspend their narratives in a space freed from time?  Could their work 
contribute to an international feminism; is the latter even possible?

Papers might consider enforced and chosen exile; spatial histories of 
women's bodies (how they are clothed, sexualized, placed and timed); 
politics within and between transparent private spaces; gender and 
property; territoriality in spatial designs; a feminist, anti-imperialist 

Countries under this rubric include Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, Nepal, 
India, Laos, Indonesia, Singapore, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri 
Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

Submissions will be considered for a prospective anthology.

Deadline for 1-page proposals and/or drafts of papers: March 15, 1995

Send a copy of proposals/drafts to both:

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