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Thanks very much for your prompt and helpful response.  Your second 
suggestion, i.e. kau # mudam, sounds quite convincing to me.


On Tue, 21 Feb 1995 aklujkar at unixg.ubc.ca wrote:

> I think in the verse concerned we should, on the yaaga side, take kaumudam
> as meaning 'full moon day of A'svina/Kaarttika' (a meaning attested in the
> dictionaries of Apte, Monier-Williams etc.) or as meaning 'kau # mudam, on
> earth ... delight' (a sabha.nga-'sle.sa). In the first case, the suggestion
> would be that the yaagas were so numerous that they turned all days into
> the bright full moon days of A'svina-Kaarttika. However, since this may
> imply the unlikely situation that the yaagas were performed at night, the
> second meaning should not be ruled out. Use of ku in the sense of 'earth'
> is not uncommon in Skt punning. 
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