inofficial e-texts - interested???

Jim Hartzell jh at
Tue Feb 21 15:50:16 UTC 1995

I would heartily agree on the usefulness of something like this.  I'd also
like to suggest consideration of some sort of internet-accessible
technical terminology dictionary;  in particular this would be useful
to develop for the rather extensive number and types of texts that were
not read by the authors of the current standard dictionaries for Sanskrit
and Tibetan, i.e, Monier-Williams (or was it Bothlink and Roth.....),
 Apte, and for Tibetan, Das and Jaschke.  Virtually none of the tantras,
for instance, nor their related sastras in Sanskrit and Tibetan, are
represented in these dictionaries.  Individuals translating such 
`unrepresented' texts could then contribute translated terms with citations.
Over time, this could result in a vastly improved set of dictionaries.
Jim Hartzell

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