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Mon Feb 20 08:07:22 UTC 1995

     In one of his postings, Mr. Kichenassamy asserted that "there is no 
     contestation of the fact that Tamil and Sanskrit are unrelated (see 
     Burrow and Emeneau's dictionary)". Now there is a contestation. I have 
     demonstrated that about 4,000 of the so-called 5,000 Dravidian etyma 
     in the Burrow and Emeneau's dictionary have no reason to exist 
     independendently of their so-called Aryan counter-part etyma. In fact, 
     they coalesce into the 12,500 etyma of the so-called Indo-Aryan and 
     Santali/Mundarica/Sora languages. My theses are simple: (1) South Asia 
     was a linguistic area which had a lingua franca, bhaaSaa circa 2500 BC 
     (the date of the Indus-Sarasvati civilization), from which the 
     so-called aryan-dravidian-munda streams emanated; (2) semantic 
     structures are deeper than the surface grammatical structures in 
     neural networks used for language evolution and expansion.

Re: South Asian languages (25+): a multi-language, etymological dictionary on CD-ROM; 
Author: Dr. S. Kalyanaraman  (After 1 March 1995:) 20/7 Warren Road, Mylapore, Madras 600004; Tel. 91-44-493-6288; Fax. 91-44-499-6380

The monumental work is 2,500 pages in fine print. It  has 8,000 head semantic-clusters which            encompass over 1.5 million  words. [Thus over 4000 headword of Burrow and Emeneau's 
Dravidian  etyma coalesce into over 12,000 headwords of Turner's Indo-Aryan etyma 
and hundreds of Santali/Mundari/Sora lexemes to generate a semantic 
super-set of Vaak or Sarasvati or Braahmi which may be appropriate 
appellations for the ancient South Asian lingua franca.]

The work was prepared on WordPerfect 5.1 and occupied 25MB of disk space. 
I do not know the publisher's price for the CD-ROM. This  work which marks a change of
paradigm in South Asian language studies, will  be of interest to the indology group;  
for further details on the multi-media multi-language comparative dictionary of south asian languages, contact: Scanrom Publications, 401 Church Avenue, Cedarhurst, N.Y. 11516; Tel. 
516-295-2237; 1-800-269-2237; Fax. 516-295-2240; 73760,1005 Compuserve


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