saMsAra = Reincarnation?

alfredo at alfredo at
Wed Feb 15 17:05:46 UTC 1995

>> From: suresh at (Suresh Kolichala)
>> in malayalam my friends say it means "chat" (can somebody confirm?). 

In Thai the word pronounced chat, which is written as jaati (using the
Sanskrit equivalen of Thai characters) means existence, in the sense this
existence, the next one and so on. In everyday language is used in the
sense or 'reincarnation.'

May I remark that Thai has a particular set of characters for Sanskrit
words, so it is very easy to pick up the origen of words. For example the
word pronounced 'In' is written Indra, the 'd' and 'r' has a cancelation
sign. Of course the meaning of 'In' is the God Indra. 'Can' (moon) is
written chandra, 'athit'(sun) is written aditthya etc. ....


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