break in discussion

tantrapl at tantrapl at
Wed Feb 15 16:06:42 UTC 1995

I got an information from Dominik Wujastyk that discussion on "meta"
subjects of the democracy and free speech on discussion lists cannot
continue on INDOLOGY. I'm thinking of organizing it somehow but of course in
some other form. Maybe "owners" and moderators of the list would agree to
present after some time a list of constructive proposals. I am asking for
any proposals concerning organisational matters BUT PLEASE SEND THEM TO MY
INDOLOGY LIST. If you are simply interested in discussion and proposals Iet
me know as well, please, and I would try to send them to larger group (I'm
going to keep your names secret). 
Unfortunately I'm leaving for Amsterdam in an hour and I'm going to stay there for a few
for months so my possibilities of action largely depend on access to Internet in
Holland. I think a discussion of serious matters cannot go very fast and
shouldn't be to hasty. Thank you all for patience, thank you "owners" and
moderators for your work. Thank you Dominik, I hope we can expect some share
of your experience and advice.
				Lesl~aw Borowski

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