Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at
Mon Feb 13 17:43:10 UTC 1995

	Here is a non-political indological question.  In Sanskrit, we 
have forms like SuklIkaroti and SuklIbhavati.  Has anyone seen any 
attested past tense forms of these forms with the augment 'a'?  I have 
seen past perfects of the type SuklIcakAra, but I have not seen 
Sukly-akarot.  If anyone knows attestations of forms like Sukly-akarot, 
please let us know.
	Second question.  Patanjali is known to KaiyaTa (11th cent. A.D.) 
as an incarnation of Seza, the serpent divinity.  This is also depicted 
iconographically in the Cidambaram NaTarAja temple.  Does anyone know of 
older iconographic or textual sources for this motif?  I have a suspicion 
that Saiva Agama texts may contain such references.  I have looked, but 
have not yet found any older references.
	Madhav Deshpande

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