Etymological dictionary of South Asian languages

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Fri Feb 10 09:24:42 UTC 1995

Re: South Asian languages (25+): a multi-language, etymological dictionary on 
Author: Dr. S. Kalyanaraman  (After 1 March 1995:) 20/7 Warren Road, Mylapore, 
Madras 600004; Tel. 91-44-493-6288; Fax. 91-44-499-6380

The monumental work is 2,500 pages in fine print. It  has 8,000 head 
semantic-clusters which encompass over 1 million  words. [Thus over 4000 
headword of Burrow and Emeneau's Dravidian  etyma coalesce into over 12,000 
headwords of Turner's Indo-Aryan etyma and hundreds of Santali/Mundari/Sora 
lexemes to generate a semantic super-set of Vaak or Sarasvati or Braahmi which 
may be appropriate appellations for the ancient South Asian lingua franca.]

The work was prepared on WordPerfect 5.1 and occupied 25MB of disk space. 
I do not know the publisher's price for the CD-ROM. This  work which marks a 
change of paradigm in South Asian language studies, will  be of interest to the 
indology group; for further details on the multi-media multi-language 
comparative dictionary of south asian languages, contact: Scanrom Publications, 
401 Church Avenue, Cedarhurst, N.Y. 11516; Tel. 516-295-2237; 1-800-269-2237; 
Fax. 516-295-2240; 73760,1005 Compuserve


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