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Fri Feb 10 08:44:00 UTC 1995

>On Thu, 9 Feb 1995, Francisco Javier Martinez Garcia wrote:
>>  german: Kanal < ital. canale < lat. canaalis; from lat. canna < gr. kanna
>>  from perhaps a semitic word.
>Interestingly, the Tamil word for "well"
>is somewhat similar:  "KiNaRu"

Question is whether this was an adaptation from the English (or other
European) occupation or it predated the occupation. There are many words in 
all the Indian languages that have been adapted from European

On the other hand, some scholars seem to feel that Tamil split off
from the original Indo-European root stock at a pre-Sanskritic stage,
and thus exhibits affiliations with certain European words, where
Sanskrit appears to have no relation.


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