Stephen Clark srlclark at liverpool.ac.uk
Fri Feb 3 14:52:19 UTC 1995

>From Stephen Clark (srlclark at liverpool.ac.uk)

I can't recall if this was one of the FREELANCE group or one of the thinknet
group. Both groups have moved.


        The Free Lance Academy now has its own proprietary
        domain name:  freelance.com.

        The address of the listserv is now:
        listserv at freelance.com

        The domain name (the part of the address after @)
        for all the mailing lists at the site is now
        freelance.com.  If you have the old domain name
        (dialog.uucp.netcom.com) in your address book, be
        sure to change it because I am in the process of
        changing to a new Internet provider and that address
        will no longer be valid.  The freelance.com address
        will follow to the new provider.


> From: listserv at apeiron.uucp.netcom.com (NetXpress Listserv)
> This is the help file for the dialognet email lists at Thinknet BBS.
> Thinknet is dedicated to thoughtful conversation in cyberspace.
> Thinknet is part of the Dialognet network of philosophy email lists.
> To subscribe send the message "sub <email-list> <user-name>" to
> listserv at apeiron.uucp.netcom.com
> The following email-lists are available:
> adorno
> autopoiesis         (self-organizing systems)
> bakhtin
> bataille
> baudrillard
> buddhist-philosophy
> chinese-philosophy
> creativity
> deleuze             (slowreading -- primary list at majordomo at world.std.com)
> derrida
> dialognet-admin     (administration of the lists)
> dialognet-announce  (announcements for the lists)
> dialognet-moderators
> dialognet-rules
> feyerabend          (slowreading -- primary list at majordomo at world.std.com)
> foucault            (slowreading -- primary list at majordomo at world.std.com)
> heidegger           (slowreading -- primary list at majordomo at world.std.com)
> husserl
> kristeva
> marx                (slowreading -- primary list at majordomo at world.std.com)
> merleau-ponty
> lacan
> literature          (philosophy of literature)
> mindbody
> myth                (philosophy of myth)
> nietzsche           (slowreading -- primary list at majordomo at world.std.com)
> nihilism
> process-philosophy
> sartre
> software-engineering
> sufi
> surrealism
> systems-engineering
> taoism
> test -- for system testing
> wittgenstein
> zen
> There is also a cluster of philosophy lists for general discussion
> called Philosophy Cluster One.
> pc1-topics
> pc1-disucssion
> pc1-talk-one
> pc1-talk-two
> pc1-talk-three
> pc1-talk-four
> pc1-significa
> pc1-trivia
> To unsubscribe send the message "unsub <email-list> <username>"
> To make sure you are on the list send the message "confirm <email-list>"
> If you have a problem send a message to
> thinknet at apeiron.uucp.netcom.com
> or thinknet at netcom.com
> Kent Palmer
> palmer at apeiron.uucp.netcom.com
> palmer at netcom.com


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