indexes of periodicals

Wed Feb 1 15:44:03 UTC 1995

Birgit Kellner offered to index IBK (Indogaku Bukkyogaku Kenkyu).  I think
it would be easier for me to do that.  I am responsible for preparing the
English titles list for the IBK, so I already have the data for each issue
-- even before publication.  I would need to obtain the permission of the
folks in Tokyo to post it to the list, but once that is obtained I do not
see any reason that I could not post it.  Assuming that they give their OK,
two questions:
1)  Is there interest in a bit of catch up -- the past few years of IBK,
for example?
2)   Should I edit the lists such that only the articles relevant to
indological subjects appear?  Much of each issue deals with Chinese or
Japanese Buddhism, etc.  I doubt these would be of interest to most readers
of this list.
-- By the way, since I deal with a prepublication stage of this data, I
regret to say that I cannot supply page numbers easily.  To do so would
mean waiting until I have the actual published journal in hand, and since
they only mail the journals abroad once a year, although they appear twice
a year, one would have to wait quite a time.

Jonathan Silk


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