Gujarati Melas

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Fri Dec 22 15:48:15 UTC 1995

If you have access to Usenet, you might post this request on 
soc.culture.indian.gujarati as well.  If you don't I would be glad if you 
wish to attempt to do so for you, and forward responses.  So far I have 
had bad luck with the software my institution provides for dealing with 
transmitting or responding to Usenet, but I think I have it largely 
figured out now, and the challenge would be interesting.

Merry Christmas to all,

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On Fri, 22 Dec 1995, Rochelle Follender wrote:

> Can you give me a list of 1996 dates of Gujarati fairs, festivals, and 
> melas.  I'm planning a 3 week trip to Gajarat and would like to attend 
> some.
> 				Thanks you,
> 				Harvey Follender
> follend at

> From 100734.2313 at 22 95 Dec EST 21:02:13
Date: 22 Dec 95 21:02:13 EST
From: " \\9$9J7F8@*?f:&8" <100734.2313 at>
Subject: Jnaneshvar

Next year is the 700th anniversary of Jnaneshvar's mahasamadhi. Does anybody
know the main date(s) of this  celebration in Alandi or Poona? Thanks and merry
Christmas again to all.
Hans-Georg Turstig


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