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Wed Dec 20 14:23:57 UTC 1995

This is to thank all who have shown interest in PESCHMYL, the 
electronic version of the Sanskrit-German-Dictionary by K. Mylius.
The publisher has unfortunately not yet sent the text which he
wants prospective recipients of the files to sign. The actual 
distribution can therefore not start before beginning of January. 
Please have patience! Your requests have been registered.

I have been asked several times about the format of the file:
It is a zipped file of ca. 1.2 MB for the formatted dictionary,
another zipped file of ca. 1.1 MB for the scanned text, plus
a brief file with comments. The coding system is a multi-character
coding for diacritics and everything else (e.g. %-a for a-macron).

Peter Schreiner

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