home for pd Pali Canon?

mhcrxlc at dir.mcc.ac.uk mhcrxlc at dir.mcc.ac.uk
Sun Dec 17 10:46:38 UTC 1995

Thanks to Allen Thrasher, Damien Keown and Dominik Wujastyk for their kind
offers to host the BJ Tripitaka. I have communicated them to IBRIC and
either they or I will get back to each of you in due course.

I am not sure whether IBRIC will, understandably, wish to do more
error-correcting before posting this. I will try to persuade them to post a
preliminary version as soon as possible, however, as I think that even this
will be extremely useful.

Lance Cousins

Email: mhcrxlc at dir.mcc.ac.uk


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