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You wrote: 
>A question for J.B. Sharma (before this thread peters out, or 
>How exactly is the dregging up of medieval atrocities committed by 
>against Hindu shrines supposed to ameliorate the present communalist
>tensions?  [I'm unable to find your exact words, just now, but I 
>you said words to this effect more than once.]
>Wouldn't those Hindutva parties in favor of building (probably for the
>first time) a Ram janam-bhumi temple at Ayodhya gain enormous 
>for even- handedness if they proposed some sort of restitution in 
memory of
>those thousands of Jains who were impaled before a Pandyan king in the
>cause of Saiva bhakti?  To quote K.A. Nilakanta Shastri's _A History 
>South India_ "The story goes that on this occassion [the nAyanAr
>Campantar's visit to Madurai] 8,000 Jains were put to death by 
>and a festival in the Madura temple is supposed to commemorate the 
>event to this day." 3rd ed., p. 424.
>According to the extensive and extremely vivid epigraphic record, as
>collected in part by Richard Davis, the plunder of TEMPLES in rival
>kingdoms was a frequent and openly admitted policy of kings in 
>India ("Indian Art Objects as Loot," _Journal of Asian Studies_ vol. 
>(Feb, l993): 22-48 Soon to be republished on a much expanded scale by
>Princeton).  At present I fail to see much difference between 
>iconicide (to coin a phrase) and Islamic iconoclasm.
>Michael Rabe
>Saint Xavier University, &
>School of the Art Institute of Chicago
A pointer to this , guys I suggest you start reading Kolhon's 
Rajtaringini about the history of Kashmir and then other modern writers 
to find out the plunders the brahminists did over budhhist and jain 
relics and supporters .. The famous jagannath temple is built on a 
buddhist shrine (ARchelogical files of Orissa . Govt of Orsss -Dept of 
Archelogy NAtional .library Calcutta)

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