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	A summer intensive program in Sinhala, the major official
language of Sri Lanka is regularly offered in the Cornell University
Summer Session by the Department of Modern Languages and the South
Asia Program in alternate years.  The next offering will be in Summer
1996 from June 12 through August 7. Under the direction of Professor
James Gair, together with other experienced staff, the central offering is
Sinhala 160, an eight-week, ten credit course that covers the material
generally included in the two-semester sequence, Sinhala 101-102,
offered at Cornell during the regular academic year.
	Emphasis in Sinhala 160 is on the spoken (colloquial) language,
but the writing system will be introduced and after an initial period, all
Sinhala materials will be in that script.  There will also be additional
reading practice with colloquial materials, thus laying a foundation for
later study of the written language which differs sharply from that used
for oral communication.

	FINANCIAL AID:	Two U.S. Department of Education
Fellowships, covering tuition, fees and a maintenance allowance are
available through the South Asia Program.  These fellowships are open
to U.S. citizens and permanent residents who are graduate students at
Cornell or other institutions.  In addition, some tuition waivers may be
available for those with teaching or research interests in Sri Lanka.

	INFORMATION AND APPLICATIONS:	Requests for additional
information about the program and application materials should be
directed to:

South Asia Program
Summer Sinhala
170 Uris Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-7601


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