Muslims, was the "PC" Card

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Tue Dec 12 13:45:48 UTC 1995

In connection with the ongoing discussion, please read a recent
issue of Frontline, a magazine published by The Hindu (Madras).

Every issue of Frontline carries an article by A. G. Noorani,
a very well-read and informed journalist. The issue I am talking
about analyses some part of the early history of the Hindu Mahasabha
and the RSS. S.P. Mookerjee and Savarkar are shown as collaboratros
with the British against the policies of the Congress. 

In response to Prof. Lance Nelson's question, the names of Hamid
Dalwai, Asghar Ali Engineer and A. G. Noorani come to mind. These
people may not publish through academic publications, but their 
analyses are usually well-researched and thought-provoking. Generally
speaking, news analysis, comments and reviews of current affairs 
in quite a few Indian magazines (India Today, Frontline, The Week,
and a few others) are very valuable material for anyone interested
in political developments in India. 


S. Vidyasankar


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