translation, meaning, language, laughter (silent)

wagers at wagers at
Mon Dec 11 23:10:13 UTC 1995

Speaking as a layperson who makes some of his own clumsy translations, I
find that truly literal translations make certain features and additional
meanings of the language pop out at you which are seldom preserved in the
translation. Sometimes, it's like eating a raw, and perhaps partially
indigestible, foodstuff versus eating a thoroughly cooked one.

I wonder if anyone has ever explored the uses of, otherwise,
unjustifiably-literal translations. Although they are undoubtedly harder to
read, it seems to me that there might be certain advantages, and it might
be worth testing against standard translations.

I wonder, too -and not being a linguist have no method of finding out -
whether the impressions one gets from a truly literal translation are valid
or are artifacts of translating word order, etc. in your head.




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