Muslims -- not a "problem"

raja at galileo.IFA.Hawaii.Edu raja at galileo.IFA.Hawaii.Edu
Mon Dec 11 05:12:56 UTC 1995

Meanwhile, back on this planet, in Jambudvipa:

As I recall, the %ge of Muslims in India has
grown from about 8-9% in 1947, to about 12% now.
Even assuming that a relative increase in %ge
of Muslims is a "problem" (itself an obnoxious
and questionable assumption), the above numbers
don't indicate a very serious problem (3-4% in
50 years).  Further, migration from Bangladesh
probably accounts for a big part of that increase.

In another 50 years, Indian population is likely
to have stabilized.  Even if the %ge of Muslims
has grown to, say, 20%, that doesn't outnumber
the rest of us Kama-Sutra-readin', fast-breedin',
Brahmin-feedin', Manu-Smriti-heedin' Hindu dudes 
and dudettes.  

The sky is not falling.  This is not the end of 
civilization as we know it.

Also, have some decency and don't talk of our
Muslim fellow-citizens as a "problem."


Narayan Sriranga Raja.


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