Vyomavatii's Mysore Manuscript

Yasuhiro Okazaki KHB12400 at niftyserve.or.jp
Sun Dec 10 03:19:00 UTC 1995

Dear Members
I  ask dear members of Indology. We ( I and my friends who 
are studying 
Nyaaya-Vaizesika in Japan) have heard there is a 
manuscript of Vyomavatii which is 
called Myosore Manuscript and havn't been used in 
publication. It have been refered to 
by Prof. Halbfass and some Europian scholars. Studying 
early VaizeSika, I and my 
friend eagar to see that manuscript. But no one of us 
don't know how to get its copy or
microfilm. If anyone knows how to get its copy or 
microfilm, Please tell me the way of
Best regards
Yasuhiro Okazaki
545 Arima, Chiyoda-cho, Yamagata-gun, Hiroshima, Japan 731-

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