old/new translations

Raymond Crawford dasa at msn.com
Sun Dec 10 02:03:20 UTC 1995

My two cents, if possible.

I am uneducated, everything I think I know or have learnt is from reading.  
If what I am reading is factually incorrect, then how can my learning be of 
any use whatsoever?

It is all very well to say read the translations, but each translation, most 
of the time, is not a translation but an interpretation coloured by the 
translators own beliefs.  For example, just read any number of translations 
of the Bhagavad-geeta and see how many of them are the same.

Perhaps, for you, the educated, such differences are of no meaning, but for 
the uneducated such as myself, they mean a heck of a lot.  In other words, if 
translations are not correct then what is the use of them?


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