Again Re,to Serge Thion

echnaton at echnaton at
Thu Dec 7 18:55:18 UTC 1995

Dear members of the List,
Although I didn't want to talk about this in the list anymore I have to do
for a last time again.First of all let me ask you for this.When attacking
me if you may be right or not it would be in the way of politeness to
adress me somehow.What you choose is acceptable for me.Thank you
I beg your very pardon when having written a word wrong.That can happen.It
was not me talking about a Indian Party being fascistic.And when I say
something about silly brainless people in my country,I mean my country.And
I never said when telling my oppinion that all the people who have elected
are brainless.This I would say when people who know whom they are electing
and what they are electing do that.When one tells me that I am writing
words not in the correct spelling,look at your own.And it is you calling me
brainless or did I missunderstood something?I hope so.Who,let me ask you
tells you that I am an ideologist.Did I say anything against that fascism
was invented in Germany?And everyone who thinks fascism to be quite right
only when been elected by the people,what can one say...
At least if there is anything more someone of you wants to tell me because
of what I wrote,see my e-mail adress and call me directly.That will not
take the time or place of the list.Thank you again.
Yours with friendly greetings to all


O tempora,o mores!


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