heavy footed

thion at msh-paris.fr thion at msh-paris.fr
Wed Dec 6 13:11:39 UTC 1995

We were having an interesting discussion on Indian politics and there come
a heavy footed freie Universitat obsessive mind. We do not need political
categories evolved in Europe in the 20s to describe movements in India in
the 80s. We should also remind the pretentious Ulrich that what he calls
fascism was voted into power, in his country, by, in his own words, silly
brainless people.
The guy who pretends to give lessens believe the word fascist (he writes
fashist) has been invented in Germany. Who said brainless?
It is dangerous to call brainless people who do not think like you. It is
more difficult to understand what they mean and that is precisely what we
would like to do, without the stampede of the heavy footed ideologues.
Thank you
serge thion


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