RESULT: humanities.language.sanskrit passes 369:24

Steve Bonine spb at
Tue Dec 5 03:51:27 UTC 1995

     unmoderated group humanities.language.sanskrit passes 369:24

There were 369 YES votes and 24 NO votes, for a total of 393 valid votes.
There was 1 abstain and 16 invalid ballots.

For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and NO)
votes.   There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.  If no
serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the moderator of
news.announce.newgroups will create the group shortly thereafter.

Newsgroups line:
humanities.language.sanskrit	The Sanskrit language and related topics.

Voting closed at 23:59:59 UTC, 4 Dec 1995.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions
about the proposed group should be directed to the proponent.

Proponent: Shrisha Rao <Shrisha.Rao at>
Proponent: Henry Groover <HGroover at>
Mentor:    Todd Michel McComb <mccomb at>
Votetaker: Steve Bonine <spb at>

RATIONALE: humanities.language.sanskrit

Sanskrit is an Indo-European language of ancient origins, like Latin,
ancient Greek, and Persian. Unlike many other ancient languages, however,
it has had an unbroken tradition of both literary and everyday usage,
lasting right up to the present day.

A study of Sanskrit is very useful for those interested in understanding
Hinduism; it is also important to those who study Paninian linguistics,
Vedanta, Indology, the development of Indo-European languages and
cultures, etc. Besides all these, of course, Sanskrit has a vast body of
prose, poetry, drama, and music, of genuine literary worth, that is of
much interest to many scholars and amateurs.

There used to be a Sanskrit e-mail discussion group that generated a high
enough volume of messages to cause it to be shut down because of the
excessive load it was creating on its host system. The list had about 380
members who are potential readers of such a newsgroup; it may also be
safely assumed that there are others who were not on the list, but would
also like to see such a newsgroup come about.

CHARTER: humanities.language.sanskrit

The newsgroup humanities.language.sanskrit will be a forum devoted to the
discussion of all matters pertaining to the formal or informal study of
Sanskrit, both as a literary and scriptural language, and also as a
language for common use. The newsgroup will not be solely for those
already knowledgeable about Sanskrit, but will also give those interested
in it an opportunity to learn by interaction. While there will be no
restriction on the range of Sanskrit-related topics allowed, those that
have nothing to do either with Sanskrit itself, or with issues in the
study of Sanskrit, will be strongly discouraged.


humanities.language.sanskrit Final Vote Ack

Voted Yes
100725.3222 at                                 Clemens Stiglechner
100734.2313 at                                  Hans-Georg Turstig
102054.1427 at                             Subbaiah Cherumandanda.
71125.20 at                                      Miodrag Trajkovic
72750.3020 at                                          Dan Kinnard
75240.2021 at                                     Alain-Jean PARES
95PANDAY at                                 Aruna Panday
A.Lahiri at                                          Amitabha Lahiri
A.Raman at                                         Anand Venkt Raman
aas3 at Lehigh.EDU                                     ARATI AMRITLAL SHAH-YUKICH
abhay at                                                   Abhay Patil
abhyankn at                                        Nandakish Abhyankar
abirami at                                  ABIRAMI SUNDARI
acabral at                                         Adilson Cabral
ACHARB at                                   B.N.Narahari Achar
ACYS152 at                                   choi young shin
adjg at                                               Andrew Gollan
adonde at                                     Aruna Donde
ae446 at                                          Nigel Allen
ag414 at                                       Colin R. Leech
agger at                                       Carsten Kalles| Agger
aghoshal at                                        Anindya Ghoshal
ahudli at                                            Anand Hudli
ajit at                                            Ajit Dongre
akkaraju at                                     Srinivas Akkaraju
aklujkar at                                           Ashok Aklujkar
akr at                                        Ajit K Ranganathan
akris at                                        krishnamurthy_a
akroev at                                              Arne Knut Roev
alderson at                                    Richard M. Alderson III
amagdebu at                                        Andy Magdeburg
anandar at                                             Ananda Rajagopal
ananthai at                                     Satish Ananthaiyer
andrew at                                     Andrew Hoddinott
anil at                                        Anil M. Paranjape
apandey at                                       Anshuman Pandey
apn at cs.Buffalo.EDU                                             Ajay P Nerurkar
aq974 at                                                    Bon Giovanni
ARANI at                                                Ananth S. Rani
arsha at                                              Swami Tadatmananda
artha at                                                   Antti Kivivalli
arun at                                                Arun K Dalmia
asangli at                                        Aruna Sangli
asaraogee at                                             Anil Saraogee
asdighe at                                         Amol Dighe
atin at                                              Atin Kulkarni
atul at                                          Atul Narkhede
badari at                                          Badarinath Devalla
badri at                            Badrinarayanan Seshadri
baindur at                                    Satyen Baindur
bakshia at                                               Anupam Bakshi
bala at                                     M.K. Balasubramanya
balaji at                                                   Balaji
baloglou at                                             George Baloglou
Barticus at                                         Randall Bart
benwbrum at                                 Ben William Brumfield
besch at                                          Bernd Schaefers
BHARAT at                                             Bharat Bhushan
bill.duke at                                              Bill Duke
bjv at                                                 B.J. Herbison
bluhme at                                             Hermann.Bluhme
bmisra at                                            Bijoy Misra
Bradley.C.Gaylord at               Brad C. Gaylord, bcg at
brao at                                                   Bapa Rao
broman at                                              Andrew Broman
cardona at                                     George Cardona
careya at PEAK.ORG                                                   Andrew Carey
carlton at                                             david carlton
chande at                                               Vinay Chande
chandrak at                                          Arun Chandrakantan
chasm at ICSI.Net                                              Charles L Hamilton
chetan at                                              Chetan Pandya
clay at                                      James H.Cuddeback
cohen at                                           Jeffrey David Cohen
conner at                                                   Nancy Conner
crkreddy at                              Ramakrishna R. Chada
csr at                                          C.S.Raghavendra
cvtr at                                              Charlotte Richards
dakshs2 at                                  Srikanteswara Dakshina Murthy
dambuel at                                              David Ambuel
dcell at                                                     Dave Cell
dchakrav at                                   Dhruba Chakravarti
deepa at                                                  Deepa Kulkarni
deepa at                                                   Deepa Ganesan
deshmukh at                         Neeraj Deshmukh - The Falcon
dgibson at                                Diana Alexandra Gibson
dhartung at                                                Daniel Hartung
dileep at                                    Dileep Karanth
dim at                                               Dimka Shpaer
dit2 at Lehigh.EDU                                                    DILEK TUZUN
donkiely at                                             Don Kiely
dran at                                           Paliath Narendran
dschen at cs.Buffalo.EDU                                            Daniel S Chen
dshiel at                                          David Shields
dwaite at                                              Dennis Waite
dyates at                                                     Don Yates
EDFLOYD at                                        Edwin D. Floyd
elwells at                                             Scott Elwell
esmae at                                              Esmae Emerson
Espen.Ore at                                                  Espen Ore
fcp at Traveller.COM                                        Dharman Craig Presson
flan at                                                     Saira Chhibber
francois.voegeli at                               Francois Voegeli
francois at                                           Francois Quiviger
fskumud at                                     Kumud Ajmani
garyt at                                           Gary Thomas
geert at                                              Geert-Jan van Opdorp
Gerard.Huet at                                               Gerard Huet
Gerard.Thia-Kime at                                     Gerard Thia-Kime
ghatsb at                                                   Shashi
gkb at                                              Girish Beeharry
gkurup at                                       Govinda D. Kurup
gmadras at                                                  Giri
gnh at                                                     Gajanana Hegde
gnosis at                                               Gnosis
gopal at                                                    Srihari Gopal
gpenn+ at                                              Gerald Penn
gpoggema at                                           George Poggemann
gt7060b at                               Neeraj Dilipkumar Desai
gupt9463 at                                                 Atul Gupta
gupta at                                           Arun Gupta
HaroldA at                                            Harold F. Arnold
harshan9 at                                  Harshan Eppurath
harsha_sathyamurthy at                            Harsha Sathyamurthy
hchhaya at                                          Harshal S. Chhaya
hermit at                                            William R Ward
HGroover at                                            Henry Groover
HindSind at                                                      d.dudani
hlu at u.Arizona.EDU                                                    Hung J Lu
HOWARD549 at                                                Tom Howard
hpraghu at                                   H.P.Raghunandan
hvyas at                                    Hemali Nikhil Vyas
hw41652 at                                        Van Deun Dirk
ian at                                                            Ian Gray
Indu_Mudigonda/OriginNA.ORIGINNA at           Indu Shekhar Mudigonda
J.Napier at                                               John Napier
jagan at                                   Jagannadha Chetlapalli
jalura at COLBY.EDU                                               Jessica A. Lura
jam7 at Lehigh.EDU                                                JAYAN MOORKANAT
jan at                                                 Jan Isley
jap at                                              Jayesh Patel
jay at                                                   Jay Jordan
jbart at                                                   John Bartol
jchokey at leland.Stanford.EDU                             James Alexander Chokey
jdwhite at                                        J. Daniel White
jford at                                                    John M Ford
jherl at                                                     Joseph Herl
jlc at                                         Jean-Luc Chevillard
jm at                                         Jose' Moreira - Portugal
jonboy at                                                   Trevor Tymchuk
joseph at                                        Sudish Joseph
jpunnakkal at                     Jagadeesh D. Punnakkal
kalie at                                             Kaare Albert Lie
kartha at                                                Kartha
karthik at                                      Karthikeyan Madathil
kashyap at                                            Vipul Kashyap
keb at                                          Kathleen Bennett
keutzer at Synopsys.COM                                              Kurt Keutzer
khare at rintintin.Colorado.EDU                                       Vivek Khare
kishan_padumane at smtplink.NGC.COM                             Padumane K Kishan
kravi at                                          Ravikanth V Kothuri
kripa at                                           Kripa Sundar
krisna at                                      Krishna Kunchithapadam
kshapiro at                                                Kivi Shapiro
ksn2 at Lehigh.EDU                                                  Kedar Naphade
kumthek at bird.Colorado.EDU                                Balakrishna Kumthekar
kvemala at                                       Badri Kumar Vemala
KVIRTANE at                                               K. Virtanen
kwhemr at                                                  Kurt Wm. Hemr
kxp5195 at                                       Krishna Padmasola
ldd at                                            Louis-D. Dubeau
Leif.Bergstrom at                                           Leif Bergstrom
lfirrantello at                                                Mick Brown
list-votes at                                  Martin Schr"oder
lpad at                                                L. Padmanabhan
madhv-s at                                                 SriG
magier at                                               David Magier
mahadev at                                        Mahadeva Mardithaya
mahoa at                                                  Anne Mahoney
mail07464 at                                                    B. Reusch
makag at                                             Makarand Gadre
malaiya at                                            Y. Malaiya
malli at                                   Mallikarjuna Rao
mandar at                             Mandar Pattekar
mani at                                    Mani Varadarajan
manju at                                 MANJUNATH SUBBANNA
mantripragada_sai at                                   Sai Mantripragada
march at                                                    Paul March
mas151 at                                             Maneesh Saini
mccomb at                                             Todd Michel McComb
mehta at                                      Shailendr Raj Mehta
Melissa.Bartlett at Bentley.COM                                  Melissa Bartlett
menna at                                                 Marco Menna
merchant at                                              s.merchant
mfx at                                           Markus Freericks
mharriso at                                  Michelle Harrison
mhcrxlc at                                             L.S. Cousins
mhegde at                                             Madhavi Hegde
mim8 at Lehigh.EDU                                         Milan Medikeri-Naphade
mistryg at                                           G. Mistry
mitra at                                               Joydeep Mitra
mk0e at Lehigh.EDU                                            Maheendra Kasmalkar
mmdesh at                                              Madhav Deshpande
mokashi at                              Krishna V Mokashi
mpt at                                              michael tandy
mrachakonda at                           Mallikarjuna Rao Rachakonda
mtandon at                                           Manish Tandon
mthayer at                                           Michael Thayer
muysers at                                              Dirk Muysers
mwdaniel at                                           Michael W. Daniels
nilesh at                                         Nilesh Savargaonkar
nmbrown at                                        Nicole Brown
noack at                                                William R. Noack
NTIWARI at VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU                                       Nachiketa Tiwari
Ollivier.Robert at                                     Ollivier Robert
ota at                                                OTA Takeaki
p-lakhia at                                      Lakhia Purna K
P.J.Narayanan at IUS4.IUS.CS.CMU.EDU                              P. J. Narayanan
padma at                                  D. A. Padmavathi
pannappa at                                 Usharani N Pannappalli
pappuvs at                                       Vineet S. Pappu
paranjap at                                   Amit Prabhas Paranjape
pat at                                       Ravindra Patankar
paustin at                                       Pam Austin
pcr at                                                           phil reed
Per.Mathisen at                                        Per Mathisen
Peter at                                               Peter Wyzlic
ph at                                         Patrick Herring
phoffman at                                               Paul Hoffman
piyush at                                  piyush r bhagat
pkohli at                                              Prince Kohli
pmagnone at                                           Paolo Magnone
potty at                                                Kesavan Potty
powers at                                                      Mike Powers
powerssh at                                      Stephen Powers
PPalni at                                            Pranay Singh Palni
ppatel at                                          Parimal Patel
pradeep at                                               Pradeep Saraswat
prao1 at                                                    Prashant Rao
praveen at                                     Praveen Bhardwaj
psargent at                                            Peter L. Sargent
psista at                                           Prasad S Sista
pujar at                                              Narahari Pujar
pushkar at mechatro2.ME.Berkeley.EDU                               Hingwe Pushkar
r0m6887 at                               Ravisankar S. Mayavaram
raghu at                                          Raghu Yadavalli
raghu at                                                   Raghu Rao
rajas at                                             Raja Seth
rakesh at                                    Rakesh Kumar Agrawal
ramabhad at                                  Ramanujam Ramabhadran
RAMACHANDRA.KAMATH at                               RAMACHANDRA KAMATH
Ramarao.Chetlapalli at                            RamaRao Chetlapalli
ramesh at                                   Ramesh Chaudhari
raoul at                                        Raoul Golan
ras7 at Lehigh.EDU                                            RAVISHANKAR SHANKAR
ravi at                                             Ravi Koshy
ravih at                                       Ravi Hirekatur
RaviS at                                         Ravi Subbarao
rbalasub at                           Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian
reddyc at chert.CS.ORST.EDU                                         Chandra Reddy
redmonds at acf2.NYU.EDU                                             Sean Redmond
rick at                                             Richard H. Miller
rim4 at Lehigh.EDU                                                  RITU MALHOTRA
rlleben at                                       Richard Leben
rmohana at                               Mohana k. Ramanujam
robin at                              Rabindranath Chatterjee
rosewood at                                          Shankar P. Khadye
rozehnal at                                   Miroslav Rozehnal
rpidapa at                              Ramakrishna Pidaparti.
rsata at                                                  Ranga Satagopan
rufinus at                                            J. Rufinus
rwebster at                                                Radhe Webster
s.judd at                                              Stephen Judd
sai at                                          Seshadri Narasimhan
sai at                                Sai Rama Krishna Susarla
samant at                                           Tushar Samant
sameer at                                            Sameer Mahajan
sasbmt at                                               Bruce Tindall
sathya at                                           Sathyanarayana C R
Satyakaama at                                               Derick Miller
sdeodha at                            Satish Y. Deodhar
sdevaraj at                                              Savithri Devaraj
seacol at MIT.EDU                                                     cynthia col
seemc000 at                                     C. Seemann
senggiap at                                           Ho Seng Giap
setlur at                                    Srirangaraj Setlur
sgk at                                                  Susan Koshy
shailesh at                                          S.R.Chansarkar
shashi at                                      Shashikanth Hosur
ShekharX_Tembhekar at                         ShekharX Tembhekar
shrao at                                              Shrisha Rao
silanty at                                     Silanty Krestovozdvizhensky
simon at                                           Julia A M Simon
singh-rv at                                  raj vardhan singh
sint at                                                Peter Paul Sint
sisi at                                          Raju Madhavan
sista at                                            Srinivas Sista
sitaram at                                          Dinkar Sitaram
siva at                                           Siva P. Challa
sjoland at                                  Peter/Stephen Sjolander
sjoshi1 at                                               Sanjay Joshi
sk at                                              Sara Kalvala
skalkunte at                          Suresh Kalkunte/Shiva Corporation
skgupta at                                 Sandeep K. Gupta
skjain at                                               S Jain
SNARA at                               Sunder Narayanan
snizybor at                                   Steve Nizyborski
snk at                                                       Shankar
soni at Papin.HRZ.Uni-Marburg.DE                                 Dr Jayandra Soni
srao at                                                Srinivas Rao
srengara at                                           Sampath Rengarajan
sridhara at                                 SRIDHARAN SURESH
srirag at                                               Srikanth Raghavan
ssane at                                           Shirish Sane
SSARKAR at                                    SSARKAR.US.ORACLE.COM
ST931690 at PIP.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU                                       JOEL BRYANT
sterrett at                                                 Tony Sterrett
stiles at                                              Lewis Stiles
SueBreish at                                              Susan J. Breish
Sujai.Asur at                                             Sujai Asur
sujit at                                                Sujit Dutt
susarla.krishna at                    H. Krishna Susarla
sven at                                                  Sven Spanne
SVKRISHNA at                      SV Krishna Prasad AL4-58 642-6475
svm at                                            Sander van Malssen
swagata at                                     Swagata Altekar
sxs7502 at                                                   Ram Prasadu
tcahill at                                   Timothy C. Cahill
thattey at                                                  anant
thorinn at                                          Lars Henrik Mathiesen
tmeadow at                                              Tony Meadow
trika at                                           Sanjeev N Trika
tull at                                        Karthi Krishnaswami
tulpule at                                            Narendra Tulpule
twpierce at                                        Tim Pierce
U28735 at UICVM.CC.UIC.EDU                                           Rajesh Verma
umesh at                                          Umesh Hiriyannaiah
upas at                                              Upasana
us003785 at                                   Adolf von Wurttemberg
uu001d at                                   Urmen Upadhyay
uwe at                                             Valeriy E. Ushakov
valishye at phoenix.Princeton.EDU                           Rakesh R. Vallishayee
venka-k at                                  Karthik Venkataraman
venkates at colos.EECS.Berkeley.EDU                            Venkatesh Gopinath
venkatp at Synopsys.COM                                        Venkat Puntambekar
vidya at                                   Vidyasankar Sundaresan
vidynath at                                  Vidhyanath K Rao
vijaypai at                                                Vijay Pai
vinay at                                      Mogulothu Vinay Krishna
vinnie at Tudor.Com                                                    Vinny Gade
VIREN_JOGLEKAR at                      Viren Joglekar
vivek at                                      Vivek Sadananda Pai
vjoshi at                                       Vikas Joshi
vke at                                      Venkatesh Elayavalli/DCOM
vmallam at                                  Vijay K Mallampati
vmurthy at                                         Venkatesha Murthy
vraman at                                   Venkat Raman <vraman at>
vri at                                                        Arun Malik
watwe at                                            Ramchandra Watwe
weikmann at                                 Martin Weikmann
widenius at                                         Risto Widenius
WIKNER at NACDH4.NAC.AC.ZA                                         Charles Wikner
windeng at                                     David A. Windsor
wolfgang at                                      Wolfgang Zenker
xanthian at                                          Kent Paul Dolan
xsvarshney at                                     S. Varshney
ye00 at Lehigh.EDU                                                     Yesim Erke
ZLSIIAM at                                                Avi Misra
zzzjan_m at                                      M S Janardhanan

Voted No
anandk at                                            Anand Krishnamoorthy
benningf at                                Robert F. Benningfield
bholzm1 at                                       Burt N Holzman
cls48 at                                   Christopher Lodge Stamper
csaamw at                                               Michiel Wijers
dballard at                                             Don Ballard
dc at                                                 David W. Crawford
dogcow at                                    Tom 'moof' Spindler
giuseppe at                                       Alex Passi
jan.coekelberghs at                                      Jan Coekelberghs
kim at                                              Kim DeVaughn
kmitchel at                                              Kevin Mitchell
lancec at                                             Lance K. Chun
MarkMilem at                                                   Mark Milem
nelsonk at                                               Ken Nelson
patl at                                           Patrick J. LoPresti
ryang at                                     Glen Patrick Ryan
shag at                                            Dan "Shag" Birchall
smarry at                                         Smarasderagd
stainles at                                                  Dwight Brown
stick at                                           J. Stick
techint at                            Technical Intelligence-MN-USA
tgm at                                            Thomas G. McWilliams
tlawson at                             Todd C. Lawson

crouchkp at                              Kenneth P Crouch

Votes in error
   ! No name given
abdutta at
   ! No name given
amarjit at
   ! No name given
bhakta at                                          William G. Benedict
   ! No vote statement in message
Bobbledun at
   ! No name given
cvenkata at                Venkatasubramanian A Chitoor
   ! No vote statement in message
Girija.Narlikar at GS138.SP.CS.CMU.EDU
   ! No name given
Krishnamurthy.Raghunandan at
   ! No vote statement in message
   ! No name given
moorthy at
   ! No name given
NATARAJ at UNIVSCVM.CSD.SCAROLINA.EDU                        Natarajan Sethuraman
   ! No vote statement in message
P.Magnone at
   ! No name given
pgj at
   ! No name given
rherwadk at
   ! No name given
sunidh at                                          Sunil Kumar Dhar
   ! No vote statement in message
Yobero at
   ! No name given

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