Indian History & Sangh Parivar (Was: Medieval India)

vidya vidya at
Mon Dec 4 17:20:59 UTC 1995

> allow writing this in this list - kind of guy is Ms.Rosser?This sounds to
> me as if one fascist party got the votes of heaps of silly,brainless
> people,they are not longer to be banned but rewarded for being fascists.

So all the Germans were heaps of silly, brainless people between
1920 and 1945 and then all of a sudden became really brainy, huh? 

Pardon me, couldn't resist that. 

This discussion is quickly becoming a slanging match. For one thing,
we don't need your superior and condescending attitude. We poor
Indians from the Asian region may be silly and brainless, but we haven't
been so dumb as to give absolute power to Nazis. We are inherently more
democratic than we are given credit for. 

S. Vidyasankar

ps. My last contibution to this thread. My apologies to the other members. 


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