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Fri Dec 1 12:05:14 UTC 1995

Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

>[...] I should think that the strictly symbolic interpretation of Vedic
> mythology suggested here is a rather modern way of thinking.

I am not sure if Kumarila Bhatta counts as non-modern. Isn't he supposed
to have explained Prajapati chasing his daughter as Sun coming after the

I also thought that `Nature Mythology' approach was at least as old as Yaska.

Re: "Freedom of Expression": I wonder if this idea will fly in the depts
of Women's Studies, African-American Studies etc. Anyway, I thought that
lack of sensititvity to one's subjects is a particular fault of `Big Bad
Masculine Science'.

I am just curious as to what the reaction to the following thought
experiment is: Imagine a child psycologist explaining why toddlers put
crayons in their mouth. Crayons, being right circular cylinders covered
in a thin sheath and having an exposed conical tip, are obvious phallic
symbols. Toddlers bite on crayons to express their hostility towards
their fathers.
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