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Fri Dec 1 00:08:02 UTC 1995

I am trying to locate a copy of the book Vedaanta-panca-prakara.nii,
printed at 
Sri Vidya Press of Kumbhakonam. M. Hiryanna refers to it an old article in
the Indian Historical Quarterly but does not give any more particulars. 
The part of Vedaanta-panca-prakara.nii which interests me specifically is
Guru-ratna-maalikaa by Sadaa;siva Brahmendra. 

It is possible that the Guru-ratna-maalikaa is available also as a separate
publication and is known also asJagad-guru-ratna-maalaa-stava. 

If your responses reach me before 2 Dec I shall try to respond them before
leaving for a trip to India. Otherwise, kindly wait until 9 January to hear
from me. 

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