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B. Hatcher bhatcher at
Wed Apr 26 19:36:15 UTC 1995

Can anyone help me identify the source and context of the following 
rather obscure references which I have found being debated by two pandits 
in nineteenth-century Bengal?  The pandits are debating whether it is 
acceptable to eat the plant, puizaak, or puutikaa.  One pandit cites the 
words, puutikaa brahma ghaatikaa, in support of a total prohibition.  The 
other counters with, dvaadazyaamadhikadoshaaya, to argue the 
acceptability of eating it on certain days.

Does anyone recognize these references?  (Incidentally, the latter 
position seems to have won the debate).

Thanks in advance.

Brian A. Hatcher
Illinois Wesleyan University
bhatcher at

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