Persian-, Arabic- & Osmaninc-fonts?

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Wed Apr 26 14:00:28 UTC 1995

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>Subject:       Persian-, Arabic- & Osmaninc-fonts?

>Does anybody know about ftp-sites or addresses where one can download/order
>true-type-fonts (winword 6.0) useful for writing arabic, persian 
>and osmanic tetxts? Any help is welcome!
>Johannes B. Tuemmers

A good way to find such things is to use the World WIde Web. There 
is a program called Archie which allows you to search for specific 
files by name.

I know of 6 Arabic and/or Persian True Type fonts on FTP archives. 
Their names are CheeChest, Geezah, Nadeem, Pars Ziba, Sahand and 
Baghdad. (The last one usually appears in ATM or Mac format; I have 
converted it into TrueType format, but I have not used it, because I 
cannot discover who owns the original copyright, or whether it was placed on 
the archives with that person's permission.)

Some of these fonts form part of utilities which allow limited 
right-to-left typing. The names of the utilities might not be the 
same as the names of the fonts.

Try using Archie to look for these fonts, and you might well find 
other Arabic/Persian materials in the same directories.

Remember that filenames are short, so it is best to look for BAGH in 
a filename, instead of BAGHDAD in full.

You might find other fonts in Mac archives. One which might be useful 
is the Yamada archive. The URL is:

Unfortunately, the files on this site seem to be stored only in 
Macintosh HQX format, so even the files which are useful on PCs must 
be downloaded and "unpacked" on a Mac.

An excellent source of information about multilingual computing is 
the Languages homepage:

(The ~ appears on my screen as a tilde.)


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