'Burning Glasses' in Ancient India, another question

Christopher Chapple cchapple at lmumail.lmu.edu
Tue Apr 25 16:24:11 UTC 1995

     RE: clear jewel references, see also Yoga Sutra I:41 and Lankavatara 
     Sutra II:VIII, which use the metaphor differently.  Also see "Reading 
     Patanjali Without Vyasa," Chapple, Journal of the American Academy of 
     Religion, LXII, pp. 90-95.

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Subject: Re: 'Burning Glasses' in Ancient India, another question
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Date:    4/23/95 10:28 AM

In article <199504222008.NAA23661 at piccolo.cco.caltech.edu>
vidya at cco.caltech.edu writes:

>> Many advaita works utilize a stock metaphor of a sphaTika crystal appearing
>> colored because of being viewed through a colored gem. By itself the sphaTika
>> is clear, but falsely attributing the color of the other gemstone to it, is
>> described as an error of perception. I am not aware if the example is used by
>> Sankara or sureSvara, however. 
Could you give some sources for such examples, please ?

Birgit Kellner
Institute for Indian Philosophy
University of Hiroshima



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