Hunting for a source

Robert A. Hueckstedt hueckst at cc.UManitoba.CA
Mon Apr 24 22:20:43 UTC 1995

Fellow Indologists,

I'm translating a text that quotes the first half of what seems to be a 
niti verse.  It's in anushtubh, and the first half goes like this:

	kAka ce.s.tA, bako dhyAnam, "svAna nidrA tathaiva ca

I've looked through the SubhA.sitAvalI that I have, but it's not there.  
Where does this come from, or where is it printed, and what's the second 

I promise to buy the first person to solve my problem 
a Heineken (or whatever you would prefer in beer, ale, stout, etc.) 
the next time I see you at a Conference.

Bob Hueckstedt

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